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You have made the first step by looking through our Web Site. Let me congratulate you for being interested in enhancing the quality of your educational program and that of the learning institution you represent, if any.

We hope that you will soon reap the benefits and the rewards of being a member of ACI. ACI also provides individual membership for teachers with certification by ACI. This is not a requirement for the school to become a member, but we recommend that a school certify its teachers. This certification is not to be confused with State Teacher Certification. This is a vehicle to let our members know that a teacher is qualified in a certain field to teach subjects for our membership. Administrators may also be certified.

The teacher must furnish a request letter from the member school and a resume. If they have attended official classes at a college in their field they must furnish a transcript of credits. If they have been conferred a degree, a copy of the degree should also be submitted with the application. Please only send copies because we will not return them. The fee for teacher certification is $35.00 per year at all levels. The certificate must be renewed January 1 each year.

Other benefits include educational seminars in various locations each year; newsletters; textbook recommendations and evaluation; and discounted World Travel. These offered trips are throughout the world, including the Holy Land.

The next step is to send us an email at the address below and give us the name of your school, number of students, mailing address, telephone number, and email address. We will send your school an application and the information need to begin the process.

If your application is approved, you will receive a Candidate Status. The candidate status will expire in six months from date of issue. The school will have to schedule an on-site visit date for ACI examiners prior to the expiration of the six month certification.

ACI sponsors a conference each year for its members. The conference is packed with seminars and meetings that help and enhance the school’s progams. The best speakers are scheduled to facilitate the subjects of their expertise.

A copy of ACI Quality Guidelines will accompany your application form.

You may order an information packet for a school by using the contact page.

We strive to make every school better.

ACI Office in Beebe, Arkansas

John F. Scheel, Ph.D. – President

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